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Bentley’s Bandstand

Posted on 01 Dec 14 Latest Headlines | No Comments

[Thanks to for these wonderful words!]

“Not everything recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama needs to worship at the altar of Aretha, because there are some singers in that area who just need to go their own way. They need to head out over the fields where country and soul collide on a path of greatness. Sarah Lou Richards has been known more as a singer-songwriter than a bandleader, which is a fine thing. But today it’s important to hear the woman in a new light, one that adds a harder and more electric edge, one produced to undeniable effect by Gary Nichols, guitarist and lead singer in the Steel Drivers. It’s a primo pairing, and one Richards fills with trust and truth.

There may be a lot of singers today circling a similar sun, but Sarah Lou Richards holds the strongest hand to find her way forward. She has arrived.”

By Bill Bentley, Columnist — for Bentley’s Bandstand

Read the post and we give a big shout out back to TMR!

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