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The Nashville Blues Society

[Thanks to The Nashville Blues Society! — story by Sheryl & Don Crow] Sarah Lou Richards moved from Wisconsin to Nashville in 2007, Sarah Lou Richards moved from Wisconsin to Nashville in 2007, to be closer to the music she loves, a hybrid blend of pop, contemporary country, and Americana.

The Spectator

[Thanks to The Spectator! — story by Lauren Hovde] Her latest album is an Americana ode to her loved ones As a child, she was always belting out a tune. Now, she has released three albums and just came out with her fourth.

Volume One

[Thanks to Volume One! — story by Emily Kinzel] UW-Eau Claire graduate Sarah Lou Richards is releasing not her first, not her second, not even her third, but her fourth album of spellbinding folk pop tunes.


[Thanks to AXS! — story by Lindsey Borders] Nashville-based Sarah Lou Richards blends positive melodies with a twang and storytelling narratives of Americana music. She channels this style with her new album that drops on Sept. 29, Someone Who Gets Me.

Vents Magazine

[Thanks to VENTS Magazine! – Written by RJ Frometa] “PREMIERE: Sarah Lou Richards Releases New Single ‘High on a Hill’…” Exclusively from VENTS Magazine. Read the full story here.

Mother Church Pew

[Thanks to Mother Church Pew! – Written by Susan Hubbard] “PREMIERE: ‘The Fisherman’ by Sarah Lou Richards…” Exclusively from Mother Church Pew. Read the full story here.

At Large Magazine

[Thanks to At Large! – Photography by RETO STERCHI, Written by BOBBY DAGLIO] “NASHVILLE, TN: Speaking softly in the music world’s cultural epicenter…” A little Nashville love from At Large Magazine. Read the full story here.

Huffington Post

[Thanks to Huffington Post! – Story by Mike Ragogna] Capitol Studios Celebrates Its 60th! Conversations… – Featuring the “I Ain’t Easy To Love” official music video exclusive.

The Spectator

[Thanks to The Spectator! — story by Katy Macek] Though her music career may have been born in Nashville, Tenn., a true Wisconsinite will be returning to her roots for her third album’s release party.