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Huffington Post

Posted on 29 Apr 16 Latest Headlines, Videos | No Comments

[Thanks to Huffington Post! – Story by Mike Ragogna]

Capitol Studios Celebrates Its 60th! Conversations… – Featuring the “I Ain’t Easy To Love” official music video exclusive.

“’I Ain’t Easy to Love’ was the song that shifted this whole record. Not only did it open the door to work with Gary and move my project, The Woman Behind the Curtain, from Nashville to Muscle Shoals, but it forced me to dig deep as an artist, stepping into the story that Angela Hacker and James LeBlanc painted so beautifully when they wrote the song… Brian Granfors, the brilliant mind behind this video, captured the struggle and beauty of the song so tightly. We shot the video inside of Nutthouse Recording Studio, where the bulk of the album was recorded.”

Read the full story here.

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