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Bentley’s Bandstand

[Thanks to for these wonderful words!] “Not everything recorded in Muscle Shoals, Alabama needs to worship at the altar of Aretha, because there are some singers in that area who just need to go their own way. They need to head out over the fields where country and soul collide on a path of […]

Pittsburgh In Tune

[Thanks to Pittsburgh In Tune! — article by Jeffrey Sisk of PIT] Sarah Lou Richards Delivers Twangy Gem In ‘The Woman Behind the Curtain’ Americana singer/songwriter Sarah Lou Richards continues her steady ascent up the musical ladder with the release of delightful third album “The Woman Behind the Curtain.”

Leader Telegram

[Thanks to Leader-Telegram! — article by Jocelyn Syrstad Leader-Telegram staff] Dreams Come True For UW-EC Grad Who Gave Up Teaching For Music Career In summer 2007 Sarah Lou Richards took a risk. She gave up her ca­reer as a teacher, her steady in­come and her life in Con­necti­cut to move to Nashville, Tenn., to pur­sue […]