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Posted on 04 Oct 17 Latest Headlines | No Comments

[Thanks to Volume One! — story by Emily Kinzel]

UW-Eau Claire graduate Sarah Lou Richards is releasing not her first, not her second, not even her third, but her fourth album of spellbinding folk pop tunes. Now based in Nashville, this Wisconsin-born belle infuses pop styling with her Nashville country influences on her latest and greatest album, Someone Who Gets Me, which is out now.

“I wanted to write a convincing story rather than create empty lyrics.” – Sarah Lou Richards, on her new album, Someone Who Gets Me
Because she grew up in Hudson and attended UW-Eau Claire, the Chippewa Valley area is a sentimental place for Richards. For her, returning to her roots is not only important on a familial level, but a communal one as well, as she is bringing her musical talent back home. Richards has enjoyed playing at local venues such as the Acoustic Cafe, the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series in Phoenix Park, the Fire House, and more.

“I’m so lucky to be lined up with a city that has grown so much so quickly,” Richards said. “The music scene there is expanding so much, and it’s cool to say I witnessed Eau Claire in the works of becoming an art-centered destination. Eau Claire is now a destination spot for artists going on tour, doing small performances, doing big performances … I love it!”

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